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What are Sentinel Landscapes?

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense and the Interior announced a new initiative in 2013 — the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership, a nationwide federal, local and private collaboration dedicated to promoting natural resource sustainability in areas surrounding military installations. The Partnership identifies opportunities that benefit national defense, local economies and conservation of natural resources. Where shared interests can be identified within a landscape, the Partnership will coordinate mutually beneficial programs and strategies to preserve, enhance or protect habitat and working lands near military installations; reduce, prevent or eliminate restrictions that inhibit military testing and training; prevent incompatible development near our military facilities.

Sentinel Landscapes are working or natural lands important to the nation’s defense mission — places where preserving the working and rural character of key landscapes strengthens the economies of farms, ranches and forests; conserves habitat and natural resources; and protects vital test and training missions conducted on those military installations that anchor such landscapes.

2020 Sentinel Landscapes Accomplishments Report Released!

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership has released the 2020 Sentinel Landscapes Accomplishments Report!  The 2020 Report outlines the accomplishments of the seven existing sentinel landscapes through fiscal year 2019 and demonstrates how the Partnership has successfully strengthened military readiness, bolstered agricultural productivity, increased access to recreation, and preserved critical natural resources.

Through FY19, federal, state, local, and private contributions have permanently protected over 467,000 acres of land and helped implement sustainable management practices on an additional 2,300,000 acres of land within sentinel landscapes.