Primer Series

The REPI Program primers series is designed to facilitate a better understanding among all stakeholders, including military installation leadership, state, regional and local government officials, land trusts, and communities. These primers provide tools and suggestions for establishing and maintaining effective relationships and partnerships to address the challenges of encroachment. By working together, these stakeholders can find mutually beneficial solutions to encroachment and other sustainability issues.
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Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program Partnerships

REPI helps fund cost-sharing partnerships among the Military Departments, private conservation groups, and state and local governments to protect compatible land use and preserving natural habitat on non-DOD lands. This primer is intended as an introduction for the Military Services, land trusts, state or local governments, and other potential partners. 

Building Resilience to Climate Change Through Off-Base Natural Infrastructure Solutions

Developed by the REPI Office, this REPI resilience primer provides information on how the REPI Program can be used to implement nature-based solutions to help military installations and ranges and surrounding communities adapt to climate change.  This primer includes a background on how climate change is affecting the Department of Defense, how installations and partners can develop REPI resilience projects, and examples of successful resilience projects.  

Collaborative Land Use Planning: A Guide for Military Installations and Local Governments

Military installations and Regional Councils share the responsibility to ensure that the presence of an installation within a community does not have negative impacts. This primer is designed to help collaboration between Regional Councils and the installation commander and his staff on jurisdictional and military infrastructure and resource needs.
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Community and Environmental Noise: A Guide for Military Installations and Communities

Representatives from the DOD Noise Program, DNWG, and the Military Services have developed this primer to communicate with military installations, neighboring communities, and partnering organizations about military noise  and the basic noise management activities that the Department uses to engage and inform the public.