The Department of Defense’s (DOD) Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) Program preserves military missions by supporting cost-sharing agreements between the Military Services, other federal agencies, state and local governments, and private conservation organizations to avoid land use conflicts near military installations, address environmental restrictions that limit military activities, and increase resilience to climate change.  The REPI Program is administered by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD).  Read more in the REPI Frequently Asked Questions.

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What's new with the REPI Program?

The REPI Program is pleased to join NFWF in announcing the 2024 National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF) Request for Proposals. Through the 2024 NCRF, NFWF will distribute $140 million in grants.
Join the REPI Program for the 2024 webinar series showcasing REPI partnership efforts that support military missions, advance landscape conservation, and enhance military installation resilience to climate change.
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For the 2023 America the Beautiful Challenge, the REPI Program will provide over $5.2 million in funding to support seven projects across eight designated sentinel landscapes.
This 2022 Metrics Report summarizes over 20 years of planning and execution data submitted by the Military Services to quantify the extent of known or potential land use conflicts, solutions to address these conflicts, and overall investments in and benefits to military capabilities.
The 2023 REPI Report to Congress highlights over 20 years of the REPI Program's accomplishments, including conserving over 1 million acres since FY 2003.
Through FY 2021, the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership has permanently protected over 610,000 acres of land and enrolled over 3.1 million acres of land in financial and technical assistance programs.


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Join us for the 2024 Readiness and Recreation Initiative Help Session webinar on Wednesday, February 28 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM.

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The REPI Program releases a newsletter covering the latest activities, upcoming partner events, media coverage, and training opportunities. All newsletter editions can be found on the newsletter page. The most recent edition November 2023.

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REPI News Roundup

The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) reported that representatives from Marine Corps Base Hawaii's Environmental Compliance and Protection Division and the REPI Program gathered alongside elected officials and local leaders during a town hall to address mutual concerns regarding the impact of invasive species on the Windward side of Oahu.  The REPI Program is a vital component of the Marine Corps’ holistic encroachment mitigation strategy that can be used to combat detrimental impacts of invasive species and other environmental conditions that threaten MCBH’s ability to perform mission requirements that are critical for national defense.  This unique partnership program supports cost-sharing agreements between the Department of Defense, Marine Corps, state and local government, and private conservation organizations.  The REPI Program seeks to implement as many projects as possible, extending our resources to community partners and collaborating on shared natural resource challenges that can negatively impact the community or operational readiness.
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