Edwards AFB, CA


Edwards Air Force Base is host to numerous one-of-a-kind capabilities for future flight test and training. In particular, the base supports supersonic flight testing in the Mojave Desert’s Black Mountain Supersonic Corridor from high to low altitudes. This project will protect important habitat for 18 federal and state listed threatened and endangered species or species of concern, including the desert tortoise, within the Hawes Field unmanned aerial system (UAS) operating area. The project will also benefit all Mojave Desert installations. In addition to protecting the UAS operating area, easement will also protect the Precision Impact Range Area, which is used for weapons and aircraft systems integration.


Community Benefits:
  • Supports coordination with existing regional planning efforts, including a Joint Land Use Study
  • Preserves habitat for notable species
  • Provides recreational opportunities

Military Benefits:
  • Protects aviation maneuver test and training
  • Increases operational safety
  • Provides support for future mission growth and multiple Service missions



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