Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation Grants

The Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC), in coordination with the other Federal Agencies, delivers a program of technical and financial assistance to enable states, territories and communities to plan and carry out civilian responses to workforce, business, and community needs arising from Defense actions and policies; cooperate with their military installations and leverage public and private capabilities to deliver public infrastructure and services to enhance the military mission, achieve facility and infrastructure savings as well as reduced operating costs; and, increase military, civilian, and industrial readiness and resiliency, and support military families.
Read more about how the REPI Program collaborates with OLDCC in the REPI-OLDCC Fact Sheet.

Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program


The Defense Community Infrastructure Pilot Program is designed to address deficiencies in community infrastructure, supportive of a military installation, in order to enhance military value, installation resilience, and military family quality of life.

Installation Resilience Program

The REPI Program works in close coordination with the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC) to support holistic community planning efforts. State and local governments are encouraged to explore the OLDCC Installation Resilience Program, which includes funding for developing Compatible Use Plans and Military Installation Resilience Reviews.  Both of these studies only require a ten percent cost share and are excellent tools for assessing compatibility and resiliency challenges.